miercuri, 30 iulie 2014

Cum se vindecă un suflet bolnav

If you want to minimize the odds that you'll suffer from the health problems in which anger plays a significant role, take my advice and attend a religious service at least once a week. Medical studies have repeatedly shown, for example, that churchgoers have about half the risk for coronary health disease as do non-churchgoers. As a group, churchgoers also have lower blood pressure - regardless of their age, whether they smoke, their weight, and their socioeconomic circumstances.

Apparently, participating in religious activities can be the remedy for what the great psychologist William James called the "sick soul" of mankind.

Remember: There is no evidence to suggest that one religion - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so on - conveys more health protection than any other, so it really doesn't matter where you go - just that you show up somewhere!

(W. Doyle Gentry - Anger Management for Dummies)

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  1. Ce ai fost si ce ai ajuns... literatura de duzina, Petrov!

  2. petrov eu sunt de acord!!! chiar asa este...

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